This project is partly funded by the European Commission Programme: LLP-1-2012-1-GR-COMENIUS-CMP
Project number: 526965

Welcome to the PREATY project

Formative (e)assessment in primary and secondary schools is the prime focus of this project. PREATY stands for PRoposing modern E-Assessment approaches and Tools to Young and experienced in-service teachers. It aims to share ideas about formative assessment approaches and formative e-assessment tools with and amongst teachers.
New ways of assessment
The last decennium education has developed rapidly. Modern pedagogical methods such as computer supported collaborative problem solving and inquiry learning are being adopted in order to promote the "21st Century Skills", such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving skills. However, in many cases students continue to undergo the traditional forms of assessment – primarily focused on assessment of static knowledge. New assessment approaches and tools have been proposed such as e-portfolios, social network analysis, learning analytics and enriched rubrics. These would help teachers to have a better understanding of students' performance and offer valuable feedback to students and parents. Teachers need guidance, support and training in utilising these modern assessment approaches and tools and a shift of paradigm towards ‘Assessment for learning' instead of solely ‘Assessment of learning'.
The PREATY project aimsto advance the skills and competencies of teachers across Europe and to equip them better with assessment strategies and tools to evaluate a number of 21st century key skills and key competencies in the classroom. More specifically the PREATY project aims to:
  1. prepare teachers to apply modern formative e-assessment approaches such as e-portfolio, social network analysis and learning analytics
  2. advance teachers' lifelong learning skills by building a virtual comunity of teachers where they can share, discuss and debate that help them improve their practice on formative assessment.
The project partners are from different countries in the EU: Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, and The Netherlands.  The project is coordinated by the University of Piraeus Research Cente.





Online Masterclass PREATY for Dutch teachers

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PREATY project meeting

Friday 20th  and Saturday 21st  of September PREATY project partners will meet again in Limassol, Cyprus. Project progress as well as methods and tools for ‘assessment for learning’ will be presented...

PREATY paper at ECTEL 2013

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PREATY Announcement on CELSTEC website

The start of the  PREATY-project was announced on the website of CELSTEC, Open universiteit (Netherlands). The text you can find...

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